We encourage all caviar consumers to buy as straight from the source ('maunufacturer') as possible. Certainly, because a list of codes of all manufacturers exists, so you cannot be fooled. It is controlled by Here is the list of all caviar manufacturers (PDF)

As you do need resellers (they bring in only fraud and unnecessary margin), try to buy from those sources who are online, or have at least an email address.

If they do not have that, try in Chinese to make a deal over the phone in another timezone - you will not manage and remain dependent of resellers.

Here are the labelling requirements -


Buy unbranded

You can alos buy without label, but then all risk is yours, the fish (sturgeon) may not be controlled against overfishing, and may be treated so badly that she does not survice.

Taking eggs out too soon (more than 2 months before spawning) means there is too little protein in it; just before spawning: too much.


Caviar does not taste salty at all but melts on your tongue. Eat it pure or on pure material, as stone spoons. Keep it cool (always 2-3 degees Celsius; lower brings too much risk of freezing and breaking eggs) and, during transport, keep it totally dark. Let the customer open the caviar jars, as they are sealed with the proper labelling at the mabufacturer!



Prices are not too difficult. Sturgeon that can be raised anywhere, like Siberian (!), costs around 800-1000 USD/kilo. Sevruga and Oscetra, with bigger eggs, can cost 2500-3000 USD. Beluga, seen as the most 'status-rich' caviar, costs about 4000 USD. But of course, the smaller (than 1 kilo) the quantity you order, the more expensive it can become. The most expensive caviar it the albino caviar, with almost no colour: 25.000 USD/kilo.

Caviar is NOT BLACK. Black are eggs that are coloured black and thus no good: fake caviar. Red eggs, certainly bigg, are no good either: they are probably salmon eggs (far cheaper). So real caviar is between brownish and greenish, with subtle variations in taste.


Money transfer

Banks can be difficult organisations. Foreigner are often not allowed to open a bank account, they want a large initial deposit, but when traded amounts are higher than 8.000 USD, alarm bells can go off and they may not dare to accept or pay out a sum, because they are afraid of money laundring.

Knowing this whole network of banks, bank accounts, also per country, is one of our specialties. You can also mail us,, if you want advice about that....or relocate as rich individual, or transfer big amounts of money because war has broken out in your country etc.

Sometimes it is better to raise companies, sometimes it is better to use individual accounts.

We have a network of accounts all over the world with whic we can assist you. Join the Google+ Community about money transfer